Lo and behold 2017

acrylic on Canvas 

160 x 340 cm

photography Courtesy the Artist


Drowned Island 1 2017

110 x 90 x 100 cm

Paper mache / Stained Cloth

photography Courtesy the Artist






PS ArtSpace is an experimental platform for contemporary art. Large in scale, the two storey brick and iron building is rare as one of the most intact examples of  its former use for the Fremantle Port as a major centre for trade and commerce.

In responding to the site , this exhibition titled ‘Ships that Pass’, is based on the poem written by H.W. Longfellow in 1874 that reflects on the idea of a sense of place and where ships are an allusion of the transitory nature of time.

In collaboration, West Australian artists, Jo Darbyshire and Penny Coss will show multi media work with Darbyshire’s imagined relationship with the WA coast: local islands, ships in the Port and the traces of colonial life she observes in the material fabric of Fremantle. She aligns her work to that of the Surrealists and the attempt for a psychic directness that relates to experience and ‘inner vision’ .

Coss imagines the landscape as a backdrop for cultural migration, and places of transition between familiar and foreign terrain. She references geology, biology and the gravitational forces of water to engage with the idea of liminal spaces.



'Drowned Island 1' and 'Drowned Island 2'

Paper Mache and Stained Canvas 

Installation Image Courtesy the artist




Black Stain over an Undetermined Field (L)  with Blue Line (M) and  Nervous Objects/Material Resistence 1,2 & 3 (R)

Install image courtesy The Artist



Toxic Gravity (L) Lo and Behold (R).

photography Courtesy the Artist


Video still 'Screen over Lost Islands'

photography Courtesy the Artist











Black Water Series 6 by Penny Coss
Black Water Series 2 by Penny Coss
Black Water Series7 by Penny Coss
Black Water Series 8 by Penny Coss
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