JULY 5-20 2019


'Piecemeal Ecologies: Possibilities for Patterning’  questions how certain encounters in the landscape  linger in the memory and where others are forgotten, or yet to be remembered. These  latent histories are embedded in the depths and surfaces of the physical landscape.

The groupings of the artworks in this installation jostle with each other to make new connections  with each new encounter with the works.  The scaffolding of the peculiar aspects of the gallery walls activate the works to imply a subliminal narrative through visual patterns of colour and form. Colours and forms swing between the physical and imaginative in a complicated rhythm within the space and is a provocation that the locus of memory in the landscape is grieving for  a landscape not yet found.

My interest in the geology of two residencies I recently undertook in remote North Iceland and in The Pilbara, WA provided a conceptual framework for this show. A type of psychogeography, the influence of the geographical environment, my walks in these charged landscapes challenged my sense of the familiar resulting in an anxious kind of internal disconnect. The physical landscape of vast bright green moss that covered nubby mounds of newly formed black lava fields in Iceland covered the island seemed preternatural. The billions of years of red iron oxide flattened rock in the Pilbara in Australia was charged with a deeply imbedded cultural history that was  not my own.


This disconnect for me is a form of grief. Grief and the landscape but with the possibility of connection and how the landscape informs our identity continues to be played out in my art practice .




 Gallery 2 Installation View                          





       L -R 'Thermal' Stained Canvas 80 x 60cm,  'How to Get Inside' 2019 Plastic, Canvas and Paper Mache  Dimensions Variable





Solid Light Gets In 2019 Metallic Fabric and Canvas Stain, Wood. Dimensions Variable








The Great Long Reflection with Ash Ephemera 2019 Stained Tulle, Ash, Wood Dimensions Variable 



The Great Long Reflection with Glass 2019

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