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Stain Painting

Green Shade by Penny Coss

Green Shade  2021

acrylic on canvas

29 x 110 cm

Dark Expanse over an undefined Field by Penny Coss

Dark Expanse over an undefined Field  2019

Acrylic on Canvas

Hanging and Enfolded 2018 by Penny Coss

Hanging and Enfolded 2018  2019

Wood and Stained Canvas

60 x 60 cm

Green disturbance by Penny Coss

Green disturbance  2019

Foundational Slippage on Porous Fields by Penny Coss

Foundational Slippage on Porous Fields  2018

Acrylic on Canvas

150 X 320

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Installation View by Penny Coss

Installation View  2019

Acrylic on Canvas


Untitled ( Colour Within ) by Penny Coss

Untitled ( Colour Within )  2018

Acrylic on Canvas

160 x 160 cm

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