works    HIGH TIDE17 2017

Blue Stain 2017 Acrylic and charcoal powder on Canvas  300 x 240 cm 


HighTide 2017 




'Like a wall, very black' a 'disappearing sea’ and a 'vertical rise’. Part of HighTide17 , Fremantle Biennale, WaterLine is a site specific intervention and measures a 10 metre blue vertical line along the edge of Newspaper House building , Fremantle,  the height of the tsunami that covered three islands off the Banda Aceh Province on Boxing Day 2004.

Starting from accounts of strange tidal activity all along the coast of Western Australia when the 2004 earthquake occurred off the coast of Sumatra  and the resultant tsunami that killed up to 230,000 people, WaterLine investigates more broadly the increasing prevalence of natural disasters in recent times and shared experiences.





              PS Artspace Upstairs Fremantle 

              Photographer : James Whineray @HighTide 2017




                PS Artspace Upstairs Fremantle 

                Photographer : James Whineray @HighTide 2017




                     High Rise 2017

                    Newspaper House , Fremantle Herald

                    Photoluminescent Paint

                    Line to building height 10 metres 

                    Image courtesy The Artist



                         Know Your Landscape 2017  

                        Image: Still from 6min Video Loop

                        Courtesy the Artist 





                      Tsu Spirit  2017

                     Photo Vinyl

                     94 x 100 cm





                    Black Wall 2017

                   Stained Canvas

                   1000 cm x 350 cm




                               Blue Aura and the Disinterested Sign 2017

                               Acrylic on Canvas 166 x 166

                               image courtesy The Artist

Volcano by Penny Coss

Volcano  2017

print transfer

57 x 75 cm

Waterline 3 by Penny Coss

Waterline 3  2017

Blue Line by Penny Coss

Blue Line  2017

Acrylic on Canvas


HighTide Fremantle Biennale by Penny Coss

HighTide Fremantle Biennale  2017

Photoluminescent Paint

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