Black and Blue - Tender Landscapes is about encounters in nature and the remembering body. Focussed on a local site that i regurlarly walk through , it endured a bushfire seven years ago and the observations I have made over that time is the impetus for the work on show.

The unfolding of its history and its recovery forms the basis of the idea of the title Tender Landscapes. A bruised but healing landscape, the colours black and blue dominate the body of work. Repeated visits to this site reveal  fragments  of an unremembered history. I am interested in how the environment can simultaneously seem so alien and yet familiar.


The world, it seems, is the maximum

number of things, or of forces,

that can exist together.*

In the service of the pulsating world, memory, it seems,

Is the most forceful

Minimum of stored and charged details

That can be made to flow restoratively into each other

Over time


(R Gibson in response to R Gray) *Epigrams, New Selected Poems, 1998 Robert Gray

excerpt from , Memoryscopes,  Ross Gibson ISBN 978-1-74258-759-2

Meteorite( soft )Fall by Penny Coss

Meteorite( soft )Fall  2019

graphite on paper on aluminium

240 x 120 cm

Saturated Terrain by Penny Coss

Saturated Terrain  2019

Acrylic on Paper

140 x 110 cm

Re- Member Detail by Penny Coss

Re- Member Detail  2019

Graphite, Mica Powder on wood


12 Springs by Penny Coss

12 Springs  2019

Pigment on Wood

20 x 20 cm

Immersion 1 by Penny Coss

Immersion 1  2019

Charcoal, Graphite and pigment on paper

30 x 30 cm

Installation View by Penny Coss

Installation View  2019

Pigment on Wood

20 X 20 cm

Installation View by Penny Coss

Installation View  2019



Installation View by Penny Coss

Installation View  2019

Immersion 2 by Penny Coss

Immersion 2  2019

Charcoal, Graphite Powder and Pigment

40 x 40 cm

tender landscapes by Penny Coss

tender landscapes  2019

Acrylic on Paper


Ash Fall by Penny Coss

Ash Fall  2019

Acrylic on Muslin

300 x 110 cm

Installation Views by Penny Coss

Installation Views  2019

Acrylic on Paper

140 x 110 cm

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