FEBRUARY 8 - MAY 9, 2020




The Long Kiss Goodbye explores how artists transform familiar materials and symbols into complex meditations on love, loss, attraction and repulsion.
It features a group of artists from around the nation, each with a unique connection to Western Australia.

Sarah Contos (NSW) | Penny Coss (WA) | Iain Dean (WA) | Michele Elliot with Tender Funerals (NSW) | Brent Harris (VIC) | Clare Peake (NT)

Presented in association with Perth Festival, The Long Kiss Goodbye explores how artists transform familiar materials and symbols into complex meditations on love, loss, attraction and repulsion.


I will be presenting two performances titled Pendulum Acts in response to my 13 metre installation, 'Anxious Spaces' and will drag, shift and erase layers of my installation referencing my encounters in the landscape as a democratic space, where hierarchies shift and constantly change. Carefully choreographed, the performances speak to the idea of passages of time and transience.


to register for Pendulum Acts, follow this link

Enquiries: or 08 6488 3707

Wrapped Up in a Magellan Cloud ( Detail ) Wood and Acrylic on Canvas 170 x 140 cm 





Fremantle Biennale 


The Fremantle Biennale is a unique art event hosting the best in site-responsive art. Situated in new and found sites within Fremantle (Western Australia), The Biennale presents invited Australian and international artists who respond to and work with the history, landscape and communities that make-up the rich tapestry of Fremantle.  For more about the Fremantle Biennale go to 

Commissioned by Fremantle Biennale, Undercurrents19, Twist of the Sea occupies 4 galleries in the Moore’s Contemporary Art Building. Three videos and an installation responds to the power of the Tradewinds , the sensation of drifting, the phenomena of the doldrums at the nexus of the northern and southern hemispheres , underwater currents and algal bloom. 

'Twist of the Sea' is a 5 minute video projection about the circular winds and monsoonal patterns as two protagonists twist and turn, drifting on the surface of the indian ocean with the water currents made visible through the use of red and blue tracer dyes and 'stains' the  Ocean. The monsoons that govern the Indian ocean are unpredictable and change with every season, and the winds and currents of Volta Do Mar (twist of the sea) have a predictable pattern and follow the same direction every day of the year, every season.  This single video installation takes  the locus of the Fremantle Harbour, on the rim of the Indian Ocean to conflate  unpredictable wind and currents patterns with that of vulnerability and drifting in a maelstrom of doubt.

In the second gallery are two 3 channel videos titled 'Doldrums' and 'Tempo Rubato Bloom' The trade winds of both hemispheres meet at what is termed the Doldrums and I reference the medieval ocean maps that featured in the top corners the wind cherubs  blowing onto the oceans. 'Tempo Rubato Bloom' is an expression of underwater mayhem with colour and sound presented as glitches alluding to the unpredictability of slow and quiet seas. In the central gallery, Cool Breeze , is an installation of suspnded inflatable floatation tubes imagining currents running over the viewer complemented by excerpts from the poem by American poet Walt Whitman ‘As I ebb’d with the ocean of Life’ .

Site situational, all filming was done on location in Fremantle . The Biennale opened with 'Waterlicht‘ by Dutch artist,  Daan Roosegaarde an immersive work that looks at rising tides emitting a blue light above heads of the public and across  Esplanade Park, Fremantle.


Still from 'Twist of the Sea' 2019 5 minute single channel video. Image: Courtesy Kyler Coughlan





group show


Lorraine Biggs, Claire Bushby, Penny Coss, Kate Campbell Pope, Kati Thamo






solo show

AIRspace Projects, Sydney

July 5-21






Mundaring Arts Centre

group show


 2. Penny Coss and Benjamin Bannan, P arallel States , 2019, ceramic tiles, wood, mica powder, graphite powder, ash and indigo pigment on aluminium, 130 x 120 cm $1,800

Image: Penny Coss and Benjamin Bannan, Parallel States 2019 collaboration

ceramic tiles, wood, mica powder, graphite powder, ash and indigo pigment on aluminium




Bunbury Biennale 2019

group show selected finalists

Bunbury Regional Galleries, WA 

May 18- July 21 


Photo P Coss




Finalist Dobell Drawing Prize

selected finalist

28 March - 25 May 

National Art School Sydney


'Meteorites (heavy fall)' (left) 2018 Graphite 182 x 80 cm

photo credit Peter Morgan  





Black and Blue- Tender Landscapes

solo show

8-22 March

The Lobby Perth


detail 'Re Member' 2019 wood and graphite




Visitants Courthouse Gallery

group show

22nd Feb - 9 March 

Port Hedland, WA



photo credit: Bewley Shaylor





Finalist North Sydney Art Prize

selected finalist

2-17 March

The Coal Loader Sydney











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