image Bo Wong

Studio Image Credit: Bo Wong

My work is a response to the natural world,  its geology, biology and botany, with oblique references to landscape systems in extremis like earthquakes, bushfires and algal bloom . 

I work intuitively in the studio , open to the unexpected connections encountered in my work  .  Emerging from a painting based practice,  recent work  spans sculpture , installation , often incorporating  video and sound, indicating iterative possibilities in creating a whole.

Utilising the forces of gravity, canvas and objects are recycled in the studio, leaning one on top or over another. They are held, bound, touching and resting. Individual parts are arranged adjacent to, on, over or apart from each other.

Geological phenomena underlies much of my structural choices including colour and form traversing the topology of the landscape which references the Deleuzian idea of the metaphor of the fold, where all of the universe is in the process of folding and unfolding histories and knowledge.  










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