My work is a response to the natural world,  its geology, biology and botany, with oblique references to landscape systems in extremis like earthquakes, bushfires and algal bloom . 

Engaged in an expanded studio practice including performance, drawing, sculpture, painting, textiles and video that interconnects through installation ,  my work is a changing narrative  response to the ecologies and politics of geological sites that have latent histories. 

Utilising the forces of gravity and other interventions, the objects are shifted through the performative act, working with the contextual limits of the architectural space or site, the presentation of work is unfixed, the installation shifts to form new narratives.

Objects become props leaning one on top or over another. They are held, bound, touching and resting. Individual parts are arranged adjacent to, on, over or apart from each other. I am interested in the  iterative possibilities in creating a whole as is reflected in the material substrate of my studio practice .


CV          https://www.dropbox.com/s/deyf1cskp4g8dx8/%20CV%202020%20.pdf?raw=1







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