work    Tectonic Effect Spot81 Gallery, Sydney

30.07.14 to 24.08.14

Nature has all the answers’, my brother says and, acutely sensitive to the natural word he simply asks that we need to look deeply to know it.

A quiet observer, painting for me became a natural form of recording things from a very young age.

This current show, Tectonic Effect, references gravity and form in space in such works as 1000 clouds and Oyster Fall where paint matter pools on the surface and below as the unprimed canvas with its porous membrane gives way to stains. Other paintings allude to the broader field of geology and its history as in ‘Pangaea’ or’ Slow Drift Effect’ where bodies of watery paint collide or face each other like the slow drift of continents redolent of the earth’s lithosphere.

Elemental properties of geology are also referenced in the more intimately scaled works of ‘Everything Matters 10 -17’ that get back to the basics of matter and particles.

The open weave of the raw canvas I have been working on activates the process of making marks. Lines, stains and pours are for me re-enactments of the everyday, of taking risks in an imaginative space and I hope ultimately to communicate what it is to be human through a form that is a path less well travelled.'


Penny Coss 2014

install view by Penny Coss
spot81 by Penny Coss
Install view by Penny Coss
Install view 1 by Penny Coss
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