work    Hortus Art Collective WA, Perth WA

05.06.14 to 28.06.14


The act of looking at a landscape is always unfolding where there is no beginning or end. TJ Clarke recently said that the landscape is observed in a less than concrete way and is ‘taken from the side of something whose front and centre we will never see’.*

I liken these binary states with colour and form, colour being a continuous fluid contained by its drying properties and in my work that is restricted only by the limits of the frame or surface it is on.   Overlooked edges, overlapping colours, opaque and transparent colour sit in awkward alighnment across the surface. It’s those junctions that I relate to my daily experiences.

On show will be a panel of 6 stain works, one large and several smaller and more modest acrylic stain works with a new inclusion of photographs that evoke aspects of my paintings.

*from Keynote Address given by TJ Clarke Festival of Ideas: The Role of Landscape Art in Identity  Melbourne 16 June 2011

Installation View by Penny Coss
Installation View by Penny Coss
Blue Green by Penny Coss
Gage Roads by Penny Coss
HORTUS by Penny Coss
Bloom Flower by Penny Coss
Blue Vapour by Penny Coss
Transcape Lightened Path by Penny Coss
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