work    Epic Narratives 2015 Perth Institute of Contemporary Art WA

04.07.15 to 16.08.15



Abdul-Rahman Abdullah/Abdul Abdullah/Jacobus Capone/Penny Coss/Teelah George/Tarryn Gill/Malaluba Gumana

Zoe Kirkwood/Richard Lewer/Shannon Lyons/Clare Peake/Pip & Pop/Reko Rennie/Vanessa Russ/Snapcat/Kynan Tan

Hossein Valamanesh/Gosia Wlodarczak/Caitlin Yardley

Lumen Landscapes 

Penny Coss’ paintings often start with her encounter with a particular place. Her most recent expansive series of sublime stain paintings are a new trajectory which fluidly describes her relationship to the lake near her studio in South Fremantle. For the artist, there is always a latent narrative lurking beneath each work, an invisible transcription of her walks through the landscape. The act of walking and grounding oneself is at the heart of these works. Scale, voids and gravity are forces to be reckoned with and are conjured up in Penny Coss’s paintings though blots, plumes, blooms and cloudy ethereal washes of colour, as if the canvas has been stained by a body of water.

Perth artist Penny Coss‘ paintings emerge from the tradition of Abstract Expressionism, taking the movement’s formal elements but manipulating them into a new visual, yet still gestural, language. In this way, her works simultaneously give rise to a sense of familiarity and of distance and isolation. Coss is represented by Art Collective WA.

Leigh Robb Curator

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art 2015

install view by Penny Coss
PICA SALON by Penny Coss
PICA SALON by Penny Coss
PICA SALON by Penny Coss
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