18.08.18 to 15.09.18

The residual stains of history the landscape reveals are transcribed into my materials and processes in my work. To stain as defined is to mark or discolour with something that is not easily removed are interpreted in the folds and layers of my work, falling with colour referencing my encounters with phenomena, geology and light .  Human, mineral, animal pelt and matter, these interactions with the material also evoke a personal landscape held suspended , in extremis .

Complete Works




Installation View by Penny Coss
Installation View by Penny Coss
Foundational Slippage on Porous Fields by Penny Coss
Someplace Else by Penny Coss
Purple Stain by Penny Coss
Untitled ( Colour Within ) by Penny Coss
Fading Memory by Penny Coss
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