My work has always been a response to the natural environment and the memory of place . From the places of  childhood to sites with troubled histories,  the act of walking in the  landscape is a bodily experience , where the remembering body offers up alternative ways to think of how to be in the world.

Best known for my large scale stain canvas work, I take formal elements of painting to create a new visual, yet still gestural language that fluidly describes my relationship to the Australian landscape.

A form of psychogeography, my response to landscape is situational. “My work is about those important moments of exchange within the landscape, with the possibility of being simultaneously in there and out there.”  Often attracted to landscapes with troubled histories, I record encounters with the natural environment , its biology, botany and geology with oblique references to energy and landscape systems in extremis : natural and manmade disasters.

Image:  Fremantle Studio 2018 courtesy the Artist

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