image: Panorama Fremantle Studio 2015


Best known for her  stain canvas work that fluidly describes her relationship to the landscape, Australian artist Penny Coss takes the tradition of Abstract Expressionism and its formal elements to create a new visual, yet still gestural language within an Australian context.

A form of psychogeography, Coss' response to landscape is situational. “My work is about those important moments of exchange within the landscape, with the possibility of being simultaneously in there and out there.”  Often attracted to landscapes with troubled histories, Coss records her encounters with the natural environment , its biology, botany and geology with oblique references to energy and landscape systems . 

Born in Sydney, Coss received a Graduate Diploma in Visual Art from College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales before moving to Perth in 1994. She has shown her work extensively, across Australia , and internationally in Japan, Singapore, Ireland and New Zealand . 



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